About Molokai

Molokai is an island lost in time and unless you have been here, it is hard to explain. Imagine a beautiful pristine beach in Hawaii and you're the only one on it. Imagine no traffic and not even one stop light.

Molokai is about 1/3 the size of Oahu, with about 7000 residents. There are fewer than 1000 visitors to the island on any given day. We have 2 gas stations and 2 grocery stores in our small quaint town, along with small mom & pop businesses. Dining options are few and again, they are small local places. You can enjoy fresh produce from Kumu Farms (open T-F 9:00 am - 4:00 pm) and choose from many cuts of 100% grass-fed fresh beef, at Moloka'i Livestock Cooperative (open M - F 7:30 am - 3:30 pm). These are great options as it could be a 20 mile drive to the nearest restaurant, if you are staying outside of town.


If you're hoping to find lots of entertainment, fine dining, shopping and nightlife, you may want to save your money & time and visit one of the other islands, as you will not enjoy Molokai. However, if you want a place to relax and unplug, enjoy spending time on secluded beaches and viewing an abundance of natural beauty, have a few books you would like to finish or just enjoy peace and quiet, you may never want to leave. You may not be able to stay, but you can always come back to Hale Kamaluhia or Kahakai Hale when the need arises. For more information please check out our page . We have links to  many great articles on Molokai. You can also follow us on our Facebook page to see the latest articles and any specials we may be running.


Mahalo for considering Hale Kamaluhia or Kahakai Hale for your next getaway.

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