Covid 19 Information

Latest Travel Restrictions

Aloha All,  our state currently has a 14 day quarantine period for all visitors. This means all visitors from the mainland (and even other Hawaiian islands), must quarantine for 14 days upon arrival at an approved quarantine location (which we are not) before staying at a short term rental or B&B. We do not have any information on when the 14 day restriction will be lifted, but will add it here when we do.

Unit Cleaning Changes

Anyone who has previously stayed with us knows we take pride in the cleanliness of our units and we were already doing way more than the recommendations that are being recommended now. We already removed and washed all linen, towels, wash cloths and basically anything that someone would routinely handle. We sanitized all the surfaces and door knobs, remotes and light switches. We cleaned and sanitized the entire kitchen and bathroom and living areas as well as vacuumed and mopped the entire unit. We also use natural cleaners and sanitizers as much as we can.

While we feel that our places are already clean and pretty well sanitized, we wanted to see if there was more we could do. After some research, we purchased a US made commercial Ozone Generator machine from Jenesco. Click the link to find out what Ozone is and why we now use it to sanitize our units and rental cars. Since we now use the Ozone generator, our cleaning times will be about 1 1/2 hrs longer than usual since we Ozone the units when guests leave to sanitize it, and then we have to wait 30 minutes before we can go inside and start the regular cleaning.

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