How To Get Here

The only way to get to Molokai is by local inter island flights. The 2 airlines that fly here are  Mokulele and Ohana (Hawaiian Airlines). Mokulele fly 9 passenger Cesna Caravans and are actually roomier for the passengers than the 40 seat Ohana planes. Mokulele offers amazing views for picture taking as they fly lower and everyone has a window seat. You will also not have to deal with TSA on Mokulele. Ohana is a much larger plane, but is know for changing reservations and is late quite often (we only fly with them as a last resort). Below are links to the airlines.


If you just look online, you will see the "Molokai Princess" which is the ferry that used to run from Maui to Molokai. It shut down many years ago, but for some reason they never shut down their web site. 

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