Vehicle Rentals

Vehicles can be expensive and sometimes hard to come by on Molokai We offer vehicles for our guests to rent with our units. Since we are not a car rental company, we rent our vehicles through It's like an AirBNB for cars and Turo validates drivers licenses and provides proper insurance. Once you book your stay, just let us know you want a vehicle and we will reserve it for you in our calendar. Since it is very time consuming, we usually will not offer airport delivery for trips of less than 3 days. You must secure the vehicle in TURO at least 1 week prior to arrival. Currently, we have a Nissan Versa and a Honda CRV.  

If you choose not to rent one of our vehicles, there are 3 rental car companies on the island...Alamo, located at the airport (newer cars, but pretty pricey) or Mobettah Car Rental and Molokai Car Rental. They have much older (well loved) vehicles, but their rates are comparable to ours (we just have nicer, newer vehicles).


The rate is $52/day for the car and $60 a day for the CRV and there is a discount of 5% for rentals over a week. You may see a higher rate on the Turo calendar, but this is to keep non guests from trying to book it. We will adjust it before you book.

Taxes & Fees

Included in the TURO rate are the following Taxes and Fees

4.17% General Excise Tax (Maui County) 

$5 daily Highway Surcharge 

$35 Airport Delivery/Pick-Up fee (only available for bookings of 3 days or more)

TURO also charges a 10% booking fee







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